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Linux Journal News
Orange Pi 3 SBC Now Available, New Malware Targeting Linux Servers to Mine Cryptocurrency, Chrome OS 73 for the Dev Channel Released, Inkscape Nearing Version 1.0 Milestone and Linux 5.0-rc3 Is Out
openSUSE Announces Three New Tumbleweed Snapshots for 2019, Malware in Google Play Using Motion Sensors to Avoid Detection, Leaked Android Q Features, deepen 5.9 Released and ZFS On Linux 0.8 Coming Soon
Oracle Releases First Critical Patch Update of 2019, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora to Drop MongoDB, The Linux Foundation Announces Its 2019 Event Lineup, Firefox Closing Its Test Pilot Program and GoDaddy to Support AdoptOpenJDK
Keep Smart Assistants from Spying on You with Alias, Security Advisory for Old scp Clients, Major Metasploit Framework Release, Mozilla Working on a New Browser for Android and VirtualBox 6.0.2 Is Out
Participate in Fedora Test Day Today, Netrunner Announces Netrunner 19.01 Blackbird, Security Patch for GNOME Bluetooth Tools in Ubuntu 18.04, New Giant Board SBC from Groboard and Linspire Posts Development Roadmap for 2019-2020
Purism Announces Version 4 of Its Laptops, KDE Frameworks 5.54.0 Now Available, Debian 10 Default Theme Chosen, Linux Kernel 5.0-rc2 Is Out and Mozilla to Disable Flash in Firefox 69
Systemd Security Holes Discovered, GNOME 3.31.4 Released, Mozilla Launches Flexbox Inspector, Timesys Announces New Version of TimeStorm IDE and Clonezilla Live (2.6.0-37) Now Available
Minim Debuted the Minim Labs Free Router Security Platform, AWS Launched DocumentDB, Firefox CTO Eric Rescorla Awarded Levchin Prize, Red Hat Ansible Tower 3.4 Now Available and IoT DevCon 2019 Call for Papers
Qubes OS 4.0.1 Released, Plasma 5.14.15 Is Out, Software Freedom Conservancy Fundraiser, ClearCube Launches C3xPi Thin Client for RPi 3 Model B+ and Ubuntu Touch Announces OTA-7
GitHub Announces that Free Accounts Now Can Create Private Repositories, Bash-5.0 Released, iPhone Apps Linked to Golduck Malware, Godot Game Engine Reaches 3.1 Beta, NSA to Open-Source Its GHIDRA Reverse-Engineering Tool

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